Spill kits

The kit to ensure safety of the environment

The initiative for a clean and healthy environment should start from every home, including commercial establishments, industries and even agriculturists. Cleanliness will become a matter of concern even if there is spillage of water or oil or chemical. For example, if oil or some other sediments spill out during a manufacturing process, you have an obligation to take immediate action to clean the area by using suitable spill kits. In fact, to deal with such eventualities, specially designed kits have been introduced to manage spillage caused by chemicals like Mercury.

Exclusively designed kits:

Further, to deal with spill caused by mercury, two different designs of Spill kits have been introduced; namely mercury absorbent sponge and Granular mercury absorbent sponge.  Apart from this, there are also exclusive kits for other chemicals like mild acids, paints and solvents, caustics and so on. Similarly, such specially designed kits are also available for hospitals, processing industries and also for use during oil spill and so on. In fact, there are exclusive kits for marine use.

Spill kits

Safety of the environment:

The spill kits play a vital role in the process of pollution control and environmental safety. Considering their importance, the Government of Australia has introduced certain norms as regards the quality of the kits, collection and disposal of trash and even regarding action to be taken when there is a spill of chemicals, oils and such other products.

Contents of the kit:

Normally, these kits essentially contain materials like absorbent, container/s of appropriate size and numbers to collect the material that has spilled, dust pan, broom of appropriate design and such other relevant products. Apart from this, there are also kits which contain additional accessories like the protective clothing, gloves and protective glass and headgear and also a first aid box. Further, the kit also contains appropriate materials to stop the leak.

Choice of kit:

The contents of the kit namely tools, accessories and other materials are unique to the type of kit you choose. For example, if you choose a large kit then it might contain accessories for two persons. It might also contain additional liquid absorbent, additional broom or container and so on. The choice of kit is always guided by the size of the industry, manufacturing process and such other related issues.

Compliance with the Australian law:

The law requires that the spill kit signs should be according to the stipulations of Workplace and Health and Safety standards (earlier called as Occupational Health and Safety or OH&S). In fact, this law specifically mentions the color, content and even the markings to be made on such spill or safety kits. The law also stipulates that in order to ensure effective enforcement of environmental services, appropriate number of staff should also be trained in the use of these kits.

Maintenance of the kit:

In the first place, the kit should be located at a convenient place so that it can be easily accessed in case of emergency. Further, the kit should be serviced at appropriate intervals. While servicing, the technician should always check the quality of the materials like the mat, sponge and wherever required such materials will be replaced.

Buy from reputed manufacturers:

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