Sledding Through Various Slopes with Your Snowboard

Snowboarding started out to be a toy for Sherman Poppen’s daughter. Back then, skateboarding and surfing were recreational activities loved by many. Sherman Poppen saw a potential in making a board that can perform like a skateboard in places having a winter climate. It became a huge success during the year 1960 and was first featured in Winter Paralympics. Today, snowboarding is still played by many and has added extra gears to promote safety. If you are in search of the adventure of gliding through the snow, you will definitely need a great quality snowboard for that, like Ride Berzerker, CAPiTA or Burton snowboards.


A Guide to the Different Types of Snowboards


In the sport of snowboarding, it is important to know the three different types of snowboards: Freestyle, Alpine, and All Mountain. Each board consists of their own unique structure, size, and material. Check out Twelve Board Store

1.      Freestyle Snowboards

These snowboards are designed to perform outstanding tricks as they are short and flexible. This type of board is friendly with jumps and half-pipes, making every rider’s dream of achieving tricks on the snow come true! There are snowboards in Burton that can offer you with this type of snowboard.


2.      Alpine Snowboards

Alpine or sometimes known as “free carving” takes place on a hard packed snow. An alpine snowboarder focuses on carving linked turns which is much like skateboarding and surfing. It has a similarity with skiing equipment because it is much narrower compared to Freestyle and All Mountain. It is not suitable for performing tricks as it can only be used to ride in carving downhill. Kessler boards and Burton snowboards ‘ Factory Prime are some of the best.


3.      All Mountain Snowboards

This type of snowboard is the most popular among the three because it performs well on the snowy mountains. Having an all mountain snowboard allows you to get a better directional float. You can have the best Burton snowboards and get yourself an All Mountain.


How Do You Choose a Snowboard the Fits Your Needs?


There are plenty of snowboards available in the market, all looking beautiful and tempting to buy. But if you’re not quite sure with what you want, then you might want to look at an outlined list of the type of board that you may need because it can greatly affect the way you ride:

1.      Choose a board that has the perfect shape and flex.

These factors can significantly affect the way you ride. If you don’t get the right board for you, it can be less forgiving on the snowy tracks and you are more likely to end up falling down a couple of times. You can ask an expert on snowboards Burton or a good snowboard store has to help you with what kind of board that you need.

2.      Length and width

It is important to know the length and width of your board and compare it with your height and weight. This can help you determine the perfect board that can accommodate your size and can allow you to ride smoothly on the slopes. Read more at