Promote your Brand for 365 Days a Year by Giving Out Calendar Prints

Birthdays, holidays, meetings, appointments. Every person, every business has dates they just can’t afford to forget. And the best way to provide us with a quick and easy way to record these is a calendar print of various forms. We all still need a calendar to help us organize our lives despite the fact that we live in an age of fast moving technology. The calendar print, in all its shapes, sizes and designs, is still a mainstay of our lives despite the arrival of the smart phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets. It is the one printed material that provides the perfect solution for helping keeping our hectic and demanding lives on track. But it is not only our personal lives that are being kept together by a calendar; your business, whether big or small, can also benefit from this great form of marketing paraphernalia.

There is no greater time to order your calendar prints and help spread your brand’s name far and wide to the general public, homes and offices than now with Christmas and New Year fast approaching.

Why use calendars to promote your business, you say? Many reasons exists as to why printed calendars are a great promotional tool for your business to take advantage of. Here are the main ones:

To brand your business, having staple marketing products is just as important as being able to vary what you’re using and making every now and then. It will get stale if you use the same business card or mug each year. Giving away calendars can present more variety so your clients would think you’re not running out of ideas.

One of the great ways to increase customer loyalty is to give out simple giveaways. It can be difficult to both choose what marketing items will give you the most run for your money and what articles will make the most sense to give to clients when your small business is on a tight budget. Promotional products are a great value for your investment that exude a large, lasting impact but with a small price tag. It is also a nice way to say thanks and express gratitude if you include a fun takeaway with your customer’s purchases.

Do you know of a great marketing tool that can consistently keep your brand in front of customers without you constantly spending a heap of cash? And when we say consistently, we mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the whole year round. That is actually an easy question. Calendars are one of the few items people will want to keep around them anywhere that’s convenient. It is also a kind of reminder since your brand and company details are printed on every month’s page. Talk about a yearly reminder.

Apart from a little business card, this promotional product serves as an awesome way to creatively showcase your contact information. Customers won’t be using business cards for anything except keep it in their wallet. Giving out a calendar can remind them of their interaction with you since they look at it every day.


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