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Improve Safety with Trampoline Enclosure Nets

Trampoline is a common addition to many homeowners’ backyard. It is popular with kids because jumping up and down the trampoline can be a lot of fun. However, it is also good exercise equipment for adults who would like to do something fun for exercise. The health benefits of trampoline exercises range from improved blood circulation, boost in cardiovascular health, increased muscle tone, and boost energy level. Even half an hour on the trampoline each day can bring these benefits. But while you can be consumed with fun at the trampoline, you should never compromise your safety, especially that of the children. A trampoline safety net or enclosure is what you need to prevent injuries.
What is a Trampoline Safety Net?
A safety net or enclosure is designed as a safety tool. When you are bouncing off of the trampoline, it is difficult to control where you land. The momentum and gravity combine to make you feel helpless when using this device. Hence, it is important to install a trampoline safety net around the trampoline in order to keep you from falling off the edge. Injuries from falling off the trampoline can range from minor to serious. Hence, a preventive effort is better to ensure that you or anyone using the trampoline will not suffer from such injuries.
When using trampolines with a safety enclosure, it is important to keep in mind that it does not act as an additional wall. It is made of net that is designed only to stop your momentum. However, it can only hold a certain amount of weight. It is important to know the average weight of the user of the trampoline so you can find the right size and material that would do its job.
Guide to Different Types of Trampoline Safety Enclosures
As mentioned earlier, a trampoline safety net cannot guarantee safety if the size is not appropriate to the size of the user. Nonetheless, a trampoline with an enclosure is safer to use as compared to those that completely have none.
With that being said, it is important to find the right size to install on your trampoline. Before you decide, you need to determine if the trampoline is used by children, adults or both. The sizes of trampoline nets available in the market right now range from 8 feet (smallest) to 15 feet (largest). The enclosure comes with a vertical pole that must be installed at various points of the trampoline. This will help to hold up the net that will break your fall or keep you from falling off the edge. If you can find them, find trampoline enclosures with padded poles in them. This is an additional safety feature to ensure that you do not hurt your head or other parts of the body, should you accidentally hit the pole.
It is also important to install the enclosure properly. If the safety net is ill-fitting, there is a tendency that it will fall off with you when you hit it with momentum. If the enclosure is properly fitted, it will hold its place and protect you from falling. Make sure you read the manual carefully to ensure that the safety net is installed properly or else it won’t be able to do its job. For more details just visit