Crucial Points to Check When Working with a Jewelry Design Company

It can be a very rewarding experience to work with a jewelry design consultant in seeking to create a custom product for your loved one. Observing several important tips would make the undertaking go even smoother. Expect to get your ring, broach, pendant or other kind of personalized jewelry item made to perfection by utilizing the online jewelry stores Australia - Moi Moi has for one-of-a-kind selections.

1.      Trying On Samples before Ordering

You could try on pieces of similar form at a jewelry store prior to ordering your custom piece when ordering one for yourself. It is only possible telling what ring or pendant size looks stunning on you, after having tried out different kinds of jewelry. Based upon these trial sessions, you may then adjust your planned piece to the desirable scale.

2.      Providing Design Aids

It would be helpful too if you availed to the designer suitable models, photos or drawings that you might have. Offering some type of visual reference to the artist would prevent misunderstandings and ensure you end up getting what you want exactly out of a designer jewelry piece.

3.      Keeping an Open Mind

Quite likely, your designer might have to design something unique to you. You could leave the intricate details to the discretion of the online jewelry stores Australia – Moi Moi has for instance, in full confidence of attaining a refined product at the end.

4.       Attending to Size and Measurements

Avoid overlooking any critical aspect when ordering a ring. Allow your designer to measure a ring which fits well on you. Do ensure the craftsman has all the dimensions taken accurately as needed.

5.      Allow a Reasonable Timeline

The deadline you give should be reasonable. A lot of things could happen in any custom design initiative and it does help providing the designer some grace period on your agreed timeline. Still it might be necessary to put down the delivery date agreement in writing.

6.      Asking about Off-Season Matters

Checking out how the off-season schedule usually is would enable you to know what times are best for placing a custom jewelry order. Summer wedding season, Valentines Day and the holidays tend to be busy for all kinds of craftspeople. As such, it would be wise to keep off such times if your piece demands no urgency.

7.       Obtaining Cost Ranges in Writing

Get to know the expected cost of your ring, pendant or any other piece of custom-designed jewelry. Have the prices put down in writing to keep at bay any surprising incidents. Expect to pay some extra amount of cash if you want other changes done apart from those arising due to errors. Endeavor asking any queries you need clarified by the online jewelry stores Australia – Moi Moi has to offer, such as getting to understand the refund policy and what your price includes. Click here Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

8.      Establishing Liability

In case you supply stones or other kinds of raw materials, ensure determining which party is responsible for damage, loss or recutting errors. It is desirable working with an insured jeweler, though not all designers would be willing to assume responsibility for faults originating from the materials you supply. Matters will certainly proceed smoothly if a good understanding exists between you and your custom jewelry design firm.

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